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Character Design, GIF

I decided to keep pushing my limits with this piece.

First up was sketching it in Adobe Photoshop. I usually have a rough idea of how the illustration would look like but of course it might change over the course unpredictably and that is fine.


After sketching, I would push onto with the lining and base colours. Sometimes it takes me days for this because I need to get everything right or else I’d kick myself down the track.face22

Of course next is rendering it which I think is the fun part (or fun because I’m slightly masochistic in retrospect). But this time, I decided to push it further, except how? What tools can I use to make it different compared to my previous works? Well, after looking around on Instagram for inspiration, I remembered about Ilya Kuvshinov’s works and how he applies his photography knowledge into his works. So I decided, hey why not? Thus I ended up learning a bit about bokeh.

Which then made me remember about the Art Deco movement (think to the Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby film). Boom, new graphic elements to play with.


The last thing to do? Make it animated! Of course I had a lot of fixing up to do (and I still forgot to fix up that flower but oh well), including drawing his whole face behind the butterfly and fixing up his nose which was a bit too low for my liking. Then I had to switch over to After Effects for the flashy bokeh particle motion along with the flapping butterfly wings.


I’m super thankful to be born in this era because thanks to the internet and YouTube, I managed to accomplish things that I couldn’t have thought of before and now, its time to apply my knowledge of illustration, graphic, photography and animation towards everything I do from now on.

Until next time 🙂

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